Sonakshi Sinha Wedding Venue Video: A Look at Her 4,000 Sq Ft Home, Where She Will Host Her Haldi
Sonakshi Sinha Wedding Venue Video: A Look at Her 4,000 Sq Ft Home, Where She Will Host Her Haldi
Sonakshi Sinha is hosting her Haldi ceremony on June 20 in her Mumbai home. Take a tour of her gorgeous house.

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal are getting married on June 23, Sunday. Ahead of the wedding, it has been revealed that Sonakshi is hosting her Haldi ceremony at her Bandra house. The actress moved into her Bandra house last year. This was the first time she moved out of her parents’ house. Over the last few months, Sonakshi has given fans a glimpse of her beautiful home.

Last year, Sonakshi gave a tour of her house with fans via Architectural Digest India. She revealed that she converted the space into a massive four-bedroom apartment into a spacious 1.5 bedroom home which has dedicated spaces for her art studio, yoga, dressing room, and a walk-in wardrobe. The view from the house is incredible, with the walk-in closet and the deck looking out at the gorgeous Arabian sea. Watch the video below:

Sonakshi has also often shared photos of her home on Instagram.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Sonakshi has invited less than 50 people for the Haldi ceremony. “The haldi function will happen at Sonakshi’s new home in Bandra that she bought recently after leaving her parents’ house. It will be a tight setting with only close friends and family, and less than 50 people have been invited for the function, and that’s why they opted for Sona’s house as the venue," a source told Hindustan Times.

She and Zaheer are hosting a wedding party on June 23 in Bastian. “Since the day they started planning their wedding, they were sure about having their close-knit circle around for their festivities, and end the celebrations with a huge party. Of course they want to celebrate their happiness with their industry friends, so the reception will be big," the source added.

As per their leaked wedding invitation, Sonakshi and Zaheer have been dating for seven years now. Shatrughan Sinha, her dad, is said to be upset with Sonakshi for not informing him about her wedding plans. However, Pahlaj Nihlani has confirmed that this will not stop him from attending her wedding.

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