Opinion | Liberals Indulge in Elder Abuse in US
Opinion | Liberals Indulge in Elder Abuse in US
The liberal establishment isn’t worried about Joe Biden’s wellbeing; it is worried that his physical and mental inadequacies may result in the defeat of the Democratic Party

Liberals in the US mainstream media and elsewhere feigned shock when President Joe Biden’s dementia became evident in the debate with Donald Trump; it badly hurt the Democratic Party’s chances to retain the White House. They ignored dementia earlier because it suited them: it helped them thrust the radical Left agenda of critical race and legal theories, open borders, defunding the police, transgender madness, etc.

Biden’s cognitive decline, however, was well known for quite some time—but only to those who watched conservative news channels. He was mumbling, fumbling, stumbling, falling—something that the liberal news media hesitated to show.

In February, the international magazine Newsweek talked about “elder abuse”. It reported: “President Joe Biden is a frail 81-year old who requires physiotherapy daily for his increasingly stiff gait and must wear slip proof sneakers to prevent frequent falls. Staff reportedly can only schedule important meetings for him from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, because that is when he is most lucid.”

This is a pattern in keeping with many dementia patients, as are other symptoms: Rarely does a day go by without video of Biden looking completely confused, the report said. “He also frequently shouts angrily at reporters and confuses things, like Mexico and Egypt, or the names of dead leaders with current ones.”

In the second week of June, at the G7 meet, Biden abruptly wandered off the group of world leaders. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to bring him back to his place.

And yet, a few days later, President Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, had the cheek to claim that the videos showing him doddering as “cheap fakes.” She claimed that these were created by Rightwing critics of the President.

This is a typical ruse that liberals deploy to ignore facts, especially the ones unpleasant to them, attributing any such unpleasantness to some Right-wing conspiracy. But you know what? ‘Right-wing conspiracy theories’ are usually true. The possibility of the Covid-19 being the result of a lab leak, for instance, was trashed as a Right-wing conspiracy theory; but now it is accepted as a real possibility.

Further, facts make their presence felt, sooner or later; and when this happens, all the liberal ruses are blown to smithereens. This is what happened at the Biden-Trump debate: all lies peddled by liberals were exposed. And the exposure was painful—for them.

President Biden’s mental decline was observed on as many as 20 occasions over the past year, the legendary journalist Carl Bernstein told CNN after the debate. Bernstein said sources close to the President had told him about cognitive decline: “These are people, several of them who are very close to President Biden, who loved him, have supported him, and among them are some people who would raise a lot of money for him.”

Just like a wayward boy who avoids studies the whole year, the Biden coterie (his handlers, actually) happily carried out the radical Left agenda by indulging in elder abuse. It went very well till it lasted—that is, till June 27, when the debate was held. They thought the inevitable could be avoided by preparing Biden for a week to take on his predecessor. Just like our boy is made to cram a year’s course in a few days. But comeuppance cannot be avoided.

Till Biden’s meltdown, liberal elites were happy because the radical Left that dominates the Democratic Party was satisfied. Liberals and Leftists enjoyed a symbiotic relationship in the last four years. It is instructive to note here that, at the time of demitting office, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain (2021-23) lauded progressive Democrats, saying that their “leadership has been invaluable to the success” of President Biden’s administration.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal was among those who praised Klain. Calling him a “national treasure,” Jayapal said Klain “helped ensure that a strong progressive voice was always at the table.” Klain, she said, helped “to shepherd through a raft of the most progressive legislation passed in recent history.”

It may be mentioned here that Jayapal is among those who hate America, who wants to open borders so that illegal aliens could flood the country. In 2021, she tweeted, “It is disgusting and cruel to use immigrants as political pawns. We must address the systemic racism and xenophobia in our immigration system and take steps to prioritize dignity, humanity, and respect.”

Similarly, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who supported the rabidly anti-America Black Lives Matter movement, lauded Klain in 2022, saying that he was usually a part of “conversations that build trust.” That is, the conversations that result in policies that hurt the US.

Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration (read Biden handlers) nominated Judge Sarah Netburn for the Southern District of New York. A believer in the Leftist doctrine of transgenderism, she had earlier placed a six-foot-two-inch biological male serial rapist in six-foot-two-inch in a women’s prison just because he claimed that he was a transgender woman.

The liberal establishment isn’t worried about Biden’s wellbeing; it is worried that his physical and mental inadequacies may result in the defeat of the Democratic Party. It hasn’t occurred to liberals that a coterie running the country in the name of a democratically elected but demented President militates against the spirit of democracy.

On top of that, liberals say that Trump is the enemy of democracy. Never was hypocrisy as bald-faced.

The author is a freelance journalist. Views expressed in the above piece are personal and solely those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect News18’s views.

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