Can't Remember That One Song? This New 'Hum To Search' Feature On YouTube Music Will Help You
Can't Remember That One Song? This New 'Hum To Search' Feature On YouTube Music Will Help You
Android users can now search for songs in the app by playing, singing, or humming them. Here's how it works.

Ever found yourself with a song stuck in your head, unable to recall its title or lyrics? This frustration can leave you restless. While Android users already have the option to search for songs by humming, Google has extended this capability to YouTube, allowing users to find songs even when they can't remember specific details.

YouTube Music has added a new search option to help users find songs on the app more easily. According to 9to5Google, when you activate the search function, a new “Song” tab will appear in addition to the existing “Voice” tab. Android users may now search for a song in the app by playing, singing or even humming. According to the report, YouTube is using artificial intelligence (AI) to match the music to the original soundtrack.

Meanwhile, several Reddit users have also noticed the feature, with one confirming that it is available on iOS, as per Gadgets360. This suggests that the feature is being rolled out to both Android and iOS apps simultaneously. However, because many users have yet to access the feature, it is assumed that a larger rollout has not yet begun or that it is being carried out in stages and will take a few days until everyone has access to it.

How To Use Hum-To-Search Feature On YouTube Music

– To use the recently added search feature, users need to hit the search symbol located in the upper right corner.

– The dedicated search button that is situated next to the voice search option is also available to users.

– Users must now choose to search for a song.

– After that, they may hum, whistle or sing the tune for 10 to 15 seconds.

– Once completed, YouTube Music will generate potential matches.

Furthermore, Android users using the YouTube app may simply go to the search bar and select the microphone icon to open a new screen with 'Voice' and 'Song' tabs. The speech tab allows users to conduct spoken searches, whereas the music tab allows them to hum a song, play it on another device or sing it so that an AI can match it to the original song.

Last week, YouTube added ten new countries to its paid membership service, YouTube Premium. These nations include Libya, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Réunion, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen and Zimbabwe, which makes it a total of 100 countries where the paid service is available.

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