Elon Musk Says X Is Better Than Instagram When It Comes To Online Child Safety, Gets Slammed
Elon Musk Says X Is Better Than Instagram When It Comes To Online Child Safety, Gets Slammed
Elon Musk slammed Instagram about their online child safety policies in his post. He also claimed that X has better safety protocols to 'fight child exploitation'.

While the internet is an invaluable resource for education and global interaction, it can also be dangerous, particularly for young people who are still figuring things out. And, considering that the majority of kids have access to a smartphone, keeping them secure is a pressing concern. These sites put users in danger of seeing inappropriate or unpleasant content, such as violent, abusive or sexual comments. Amidst all of this, Elon Musk’s assertion that X has stronger safety measures in place to “fight child exploitation” in a post that went viral has generated a lot of discussion.

In his tweet, the tech mogul criticised Meta Platform Instagram for their regulations regarding the protection of minors on the internet. Social media users have slammed Musk’s X platform for containing pornographic content that is inappropriate for younger people.

“Post your family pics on X! We care & do more to fight child exploitation than any other platform by far,” Elon Musk wrote. Next, he included a meme that was a scene from an episode of The Simpsons.

Two guys are shown in the first section of the picture standing outside of a building with the caption, “Perhaps there’s some nice photos in here”. The Instagram logo appears on the sign over the establishment’s door.

The interior of the building is depicted visually in the second portion of the image. It appears to be a strip club. Musk was referring to the abundance of explicit content on Instagram.

The post already has more than 16 million views on the social media platform. Users in the comments section were highly critical of the content that makes rounds on X. A user wrote, “X is literally loaded with porn. It’s in my comments all the time.”

Another user said, “Do you know the ages of the naked women who advertise nudes on our posts because there are several that I question if they’re over the age of 18.”

Yet another user stated, “Bold of you to imply this when every post has multiple replies featuring beef curtains with a “link in bio” slapped across it.”

“No thanks,” wrote another user.

Users were generally in agreement that, contrary to Musk’s claims, no open internet is safe.

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