Instagrammer Finds 'Worms' Inside Kellogg's Chocos, Says Product Wasn't Expired in Viral Video
Instagrammer Finds 'Worms' Inside Kellogg's Chocos, Says Product Wasn't Expired in Viral Video
Instagrammer shares video showing creepy, white substances coming out of Kellogg's Choco granules, company reacts.

Imagine having a bowl of Kellogg’s Chocos, a nostalgic childhood favorite, paired with a steaming hot meal for breakfast. But as you take that first-morning bite, you feel something unsettling, almost as if it’s “crawling” or moving in your mouth. Not the breakfast experience you signed up for, right? Well, fear not, because an Instagrammer has just spared himself and his family from this potential breakfast nightmare by uncovering worms nestled within the chocolatey granules, all captured in a now-viral video.

Shared on the photo-sharing platform by @cummentwala_69, the video starts with the recorder holding a single granule of Kellogg’s Chocos, humorously questioning if the company intends to provide an extra dose of protein. With a swift break, the granule reveals an eerie white substance, dismissed as “cream” by the uploader. As the investigation continues, more granules exhibit similar suspicious contents, with even the packet showcasing signs of bacterial or worm activity at the bottom.

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Despite the product being well within its expiry date (as evidenced by the March 2024 date on the packet’s thumbnail), the Instagrammer expressed rightful concern over the unwelcome contents.

Take a Look:

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The video quickly gained traction, prompting various reactions. One user recalled a similar experience from years ago, writing, “Damn I’ve gotten few LIVE worms from this same sh***y product many years ago. Years ago when social media wasn’t that common. The very day I stopped having chocos. Can’t believe they still sell worms with these!!!” “Brother I was just eating this, but now I will not eat it,” said another while the third quipped, “That’s why I switched to cornflakes. There is no space for insects in it.”

Acknowledging the matter, Kellogg’s issued a statement, expressing, “We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you. Our Consumer Affairs team would get in touch with you to understand your concern. Request you to inbox us your contact details.”

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Since its upload, the video has amassed a staggering one million views, shedding light on the importance of product quality and consumer awareness.

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