Woman Shares Story Of Her Friends Parting Ways Amicably, Calls It 'Nicest Divorce'
Woman Shares Story Of Her Friends Parting Ways Amicably, Calls It 'Nicest Divorce'
The woman asserted that throughout the divorce proceedings, the couple refrained from speaking negatively about each other.

Often when people think about divorces, they think of long court proceedings filled with quarells. Divorce between two people ends up affecting people around the couple, be it the family members or friends who are forced to pick a side. Recently, a woman named Shruti Chaturvedi shared a post in which she shared how two of her friends are getting divorced most amicably after 26 years of marriage. She described their divorce as the “nicest divorce”. In a viral post, she wrote, that during their marriage, the woman had left her job to take care of the house, so now her soon-to-be ex-husband is buying her a new house, multiple FDs, land, medical insurance, and more to secure her finances.

She added, “None of them would stand hearing one bad thing about the other, let alone bad mouth about each other. Love may end but respect shouldn’t. Really a case study!” This post has gathered over 11,000 likes. In the comments, many people wondered why the couple is separating if they are on good terms, to this Chaturvedi replied, “General disconnect and unhappiness. There is nothing more to it than this.”

While many people emphasised that amicable divorces should be normalised, a few speculated that the post was made up.

Commenting on it, an X user wrote, “Sometimes really nice people can’t stay together anymore. I have seen friends like this. Great to read how this ended. (Or progressed to the next level).” Another person shared, “Sounds a lot like my divorce – we are still best friends, and we worked out most of the things you wrote about above there. We’ve been together 34 years, though divorced 4 years ago. Kids are 29 & 25. We are there for each other when needed, in emergencies. When you spend ur life with 1 person, you realise that hate, anger, and bitterness are not in the equation.”

An X user wrote, “I mean if I had been able to afford doing all of the above then my wife would have actually never left me. This man could possibly have screwed so bad he’s overcompensating to the absolute max. Sorry, tough to be believe nice people exist.”

In response to all the comments that speculated the authenticity of the post, Chaturvedi wrote, “Zero points to guess who is getting rattled the most with this tweet – broke men. And it’s not their fault – scarcity mindset makes us think that way.”

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