How Indian Railways' Mistake Made A Ludhiana Farmer The Owner Shatabdi Express For A Short While
How Indian Railways' Mistake Made A Ludhiana Farmer The Owner Shatabdi Express For A Short While
When a farmer suddenly became the owner of the train, a mistake by the railways cost him heavily and the incident becomes historic.

Have you ever heard of a miraculous incident of a farmer becoming a train owner? No right? But actually, this incident happened back then shocking people all over the country.

Know the incident of Sampooran Singh a farmer, becoming an owner of the train of the entire Shatabdi Express marking history in the Indian railways back in 2007, when the railway authorities had paid him Rs 42 lakh for acquiring land to build a Ludhiana-Chandigarh railway line.

A farmer had become the owner of the train. The carelessness of the Indian Railways was the reason behind the incident’s occurrence. Soon, the court order issued was cancelled and the farmer’s becoming the owner of the train remained recorded in history.

However, from the point of Law, no person in India can either buy a train or run his train on the Indian Railway tracks, but the incident of the 45-year-old Sampooran Singh from Punjab, back then marked history dumbfounding people all over the country.

Sampooran Singh is a resident of Katana village of Ludhiana. The foundation of this incident was laid in the year 2007, when the railways had purchased the lands of many farmers, including Sampooran Singh to build the Ludhiana-Chandigarh railway line. Railways decided to take Rs 25 lakh for every acre, but for the land of the nearby village, Rs 71 lakh was given for every acre. Sampooran Singh went to court against this discrimination. First, the court increased the compensation amount from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 50 lakh and then to more than Rs 1.5 crore. Northern Railway was ordered to make the payment by 2015, which the Railways could not do. Therefore, the Ludhiana farmer has been fighting for his money since 2015. Sampooran went to the court and claimed that he had been underpaid for a piece of land in the northern state of Punjab. The railways refused to pay him the full amount, despite winning the case. On March 17, the farmer’s lawyer said that Singh had been awarded with an express train instead of the 10 million rupee he owned. Not only this the farmer has also won the state master’s office. Judge Jaspal Verma granted him the ownership of the station master’s office in Ludhiana. He also reached the station with the lawyer to seize the train.

Nevertheless, the railway administration immediately put a stop to this order so that Sampooran Singh could remain the owner of the train only for 5 minutes. The case is still pending in the court, but Sampooran Singh’s name has been recorded in the history as a train owner of the Shatabdi Express which is unbelievable sometimes.

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