Shipwreck Of Mystery SS Nemesis Found 120 Years After It Vanished
Shipwreck Of Mystery SS Nemesis Found 120 Years After It Vanished
On July 8, 1904, SS Nemesis, a steamer, carrying coal departed from Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia.

It’s chilling to ponder the fate of a ship embarking on a journey only to vanish into the abyss, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions. Nearly a century ago, a similar tale unfolded when a vessel and its crew disappeared without a trace, shrouding the incident in mystery. Recent developments have brought closure to this enigma as evidence of the missing ship has finally emerged.

On July 8, 1904, the SS Nemesis, a coal-carrying steamer, departed from Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia, bound for Melbourne to deliver its cargo. According to reports from The New York Post, the steamer encountered a fierce storm off the coast of New South Wales, causing it and its 32 crew members to vanish. Despite bodies and debris washing ashore, the 240-foot vessel’s whereabouts remained a mystery, with its last sighting reported off the coast of Wollongong.

Recent breakthroughs in the search came from Subsea Professional Marine Services, a remote-sensing company tasked with locating lost cargo off the coast of Sydney. At a depth of 525 feet beneath the surface, they stumbled upon the untouched wreckage of the SS Nemesis. Confirmation of the discovery came last year when Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, captured underwater images showcasing the ship’s distinctive features.

Efforts are now underway to locate and notify the descendants of the crew members who perished a century ago. Approximately 40 children lost their parents in the tragedy and authorities hope that the discovery will provide closure for their families and loved ones. Simultaneously, CSIRO plans to compile the video images into a 3D model of the wreck, facilitating further investigation.

Nearly 120 years after its disappearance, it is believed that the SS Nemesis succumbed to the forces of nature, likely overwhelmed by massive sea waves. The vessel may have suffered irreparable damage to its engine, leading to rapid flooding and a swift demise, leaving no time for the crew to deploy lifeboats.

The discovery of the SS Nemesis wreckage marks the end of a century-long mystery, offering closure to the families of those lost at sea and shedding light on the tragic fate of the ill-fated vessel.

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