US Couple Discovers IVF Mix-up, Identifies Son's Real Father
US Couple Discovers IVF Mix-up, Identifies Son's Real Father
Vanner and Donna Johnson opted for IVF for the birth of their second child, which now revealed a big mistake.

For a couple, becoming parents is one of the best moments of their lives. The joy and happiness they feel holding their newborn baby is unmatched. But this couple from the US got the shock of their lives when they found out the real identity of their child.

The Unilad website reports about a US couple, Vanner and Donna Johnson, residents of Salt Lake City, Utah, who found out something is wrong during one of their child’s In Vitro Fertilisation.

As per more reports, after they struggled to conceive naturally, the couple decided to opt for IVF for the birth of their second child, in 2007. Their happiness came in the form of a son and during his growth years, they were open to him about his birth. Things went sour for them more than a decade later, when they decided to get a DNA test for fun. So, they did a “23 and Me” DNA test and what they found, shocked them to their core.

When the family received the results, they were confused to see that the father was listed as “unknown.” Recalling the day to the media, the mother, Donna stated, “When my results showed up showing two sons immediately and seeing our oldest was a half-sibling to his younger brother, through me, we knew there must’ve been something wrong.”

So, the couple had another DNA test which confirmed their suspicions. Vanner Johnson was not the biological father of his second son. According to more reports, the results indicated that Donna’s egg was fertilised with someone else’s sperm during the In-Vitro Fertilisation process. Sharing his turmoil, Vanner said, “There were a lot of emotions we had to work through including separating the love of our son which has not changed…to the issue that we were dealing with.”

The distraught couple waited for a year to reveal the unfortunate information to their son. He maturely accepted his reality. After Vanner’s research, it was discovered that his second son’s biological father was a man named Devin.

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