Watch: Lionesses Ambush Hyena, It Surrenders
Watch: Lionesses Ambush Hyena, It Surrenders
A wildlife enthusiast, Marisa Weed, caught the incident on camera during a wildlife safari.

The phrase survival of the fittest is best suited to wildlife in the jungle. The apex predators like lions and other big cats are at the top of the food chain and often hunt smaller animals. It is not every day that you get to see a hunt captured on camera. A recent video showing two lions hunting a hyena is going viral nowadays. The surprising aspect is the hyena, which is near the two lionesses, does not even attempt to escape and instead gives in to the lions. Marisa Weed, a wildlife enthusiast, caught the incident on camera during a wildlife safari.

She said that their jeep was near two lionesses relaxing and the jeep was just about to move when they noticed a hyena appear out of nowhere and stand motionless in front of the two predators. The lionesses spotted the hyena almost instantly. Before it realised, they were in ambush mode, and the hyena was headed straight for them. The hyena eventually realised the trap but was just meters away from danger. The lionesses pounced, and the hyena, oddly, did not react at all. It puzzled everyone watching, including the lionesses.

Unfortunately for the hyena, the confusion didn’t last long. Within seconds, the lions resumed their attack. Lions and hyenas share a deep-seated animosity, which became evident in what followed. One of the lionesses took charge, quickly bringing the hyena down and going for its throat. The hyena remained almost unresponsive, barely making a sound. The other lioness, seeing she wasn’t needed, walked away. The male lions arrived, and the lioness held onto the hyena’s jugular until she was satisfied. Eventually, she moved on with the healthier male, leaving the hyena and the other male lion behind.

The video has received 40 lakh views while many people have given their reactions by commenting. Most were left surprised by the hyena’s reaction, or rather lack of any reaction. Everyone believed that it looked like the hyena had a death wish.

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